New Category: Letter to the Editor!

In the scientific community, it is important to exchange ideas and have conversations about different opinions. rehabINK now provides a platform for you to share your unique perspectives. For the first time, you can contribute to the new submission category: Letter to the Editor. You can now publish your unique viewpoint on previously submitted rehabINK articles to the rehabINK community.

What are we looking for?

If you want to have your thoughts disseminated to rehabINK’s wide readership about one of our previously published articles, this is your time! We are looking for nuanced perspectives and voices! Simply chose an article published by rehabINK and submit a short (<200 words) commentary with your thoughts. Some ideas of what we are looking for include the following: new developments, lived experience, intersectional work, rebuttals, and critical perspectives.

Who can submit?

Similar to our other submission categories, email with your letter to the editor. Please include your name and preferred method of contact, as we will be in touch with you to discuss whether we will select your submission for publishing.

*While we aim to publish all submissions for Letter to the Editor, we reserve the right to work with the author to edit the submission for clarity, and/or turn down submissions if they are disparaging/derogatory/disrespectful in any way.*