Issue 4 (Winter 2018)

Letter from the Editors

Authors: Denise DuBois & Adora Chui

A pandemic crisis demands aggressive investment in comprehensive research: Current efforts to tackle dementia in Canada

Author: Bruna Seixas Lima

Editors: Lucas Crosby & Dory Abelman

Bridging the residential crossroads for aging adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Ontario: A qualitative review

Authors: Denise DuBois & Zinnia Batliwalla

Editors: Roni Propp & Adora Chui

Creating order from chaos: Walking on cue with rhythmic auditory stimulation

Authors: Conor Sheridan & Lucas D. Crosby

Editors: Dana Swarbrick & Mikaela Stiver

Reconsidering driving and community mobility in older adulthood: Moving beyond the medical model

Author: Ruheena Sangrar & Brenda Vrkljan

Editors: Bruna Seixas Lima & Dory Abelman

Stroke caregivers at risk for depression: Suggestions for rehabilitation professionals

Author: Kristina Kokorelias

Editors: Ivona Berger & Lucas Crosby

The use of dance in post-stroke rehabilitation

Author: Kara Patterson

Editors: Tian Renton, Lucas Crosby, Denise DuBois & Adora Chui

Unconquered: A parasport story with special focus on the Invictus Games

Author: Dana Swarbrick & Bruna Seixas Lima

Editors: Denise DuBois & Tian Renton

This issue’s copy editors: Adora Chui, Lucas Crosby, Denise DuBois, Bruna Seixas Limas, Mikaela Stiver

Summer Issue 2017


1. Article: Letter from the editors

Authors: Dana Swarbrick & Dor David (Dory) Abelman

Editors: Denise DuBois & Bruna Seixas Lima


2. Article: Scaling up rehabilitation worldwide with the new WHO guideline: is it enough?

Author: Adora Chui

Editors: Dory Abelman & Kate Stewart


3. Article: Exploring the role of physical rehabilitation professionals in providing psychosocial care to improve patient recovery

Authors: Kristina Kokorelias & Amanda Ali

Editors: Kate Stewart & Mikaela Stiver


4. Article: Exploring memories with Dr. Morris Moscovitch

Authors: Bruna Seixas Lima & Denise DuBois

Editors: Ivona Berger & Roni Propp


5. Article: 2017 International Brain Injury Association Conference: a conference brief from a graduate student delegate (New Orleans)

Author: Ivona Berger

Editors: Jaclyn Dawe & Tian Renton


6. Article: Advocating for fairness in rehabilitation service provision in Ontario

Author: Denise DuBois

Editor: Mikaela Stiver


This issue’s copy editors: Lucas Crosby, Denise DuBois, & Dana Swarbrick