The rehabINK team is overwhelmed with the incredible response to this issue’s call for abstracts. Thank you to the authors who submitted their abstracts. Authors can expect replies by mid-November. Readers can expect a riveting set of articles in the New Year.

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Despite being integrally intertwined, physical and mental health are often treated separately – a trend exacerbated by disconnection between disciplines. This article investigates the opportunity for rehabilitation professionals to support patients in both domains through increased interdisciplinary training with a focus on psychosocial aspects of care.

The world of neuroscience is constantly expanding, and there is still a lot that scientists do not know about how the brain functions. In this article, authors take an in-depth look into Dr. Moscovitchs’ professional journey and his significant contributions pertaining to the field of memory consolidation research.

RSI’s MSc student, Ivona Berger, reflects on her participation in the International Brain Injury Association’s (IBIA) 2017 World Congress in New Orleans. As a delegate who shared her research findings related to concussion and sleep in youth, she was further inspired by the opportunities to connect with other brain injury researchers and learn about new developments in her fields of inquiry.