Call for Submissions


CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Winter 2021 Issue

Social Issues in Rehabilitation: Diversity, Care & Engagement

What social issues exist in the field of rehabilitation science? Society is permeated by disparities in multiple domains, perhaps most notably within the context of health care. In the realm of health care, rehabilitation research and care attempt to serve diverse populations that range in terms of social identities (i.e. race, age, gender, sexual orientation and social class etc).

With this, we must ask ourselves: is access to care equitable despite the gender, geographic distribution and age of rehabilitation patients and research participants? Do rehabilitation researchers possess implicit biases that affect quality of care and health outcomes among these populations? How can patients be involved in the research process to ensure meaningful collaboration? These are questions that we hope to unveil in our upcoming issue of rehabINK.

If you want to reach a diverse, international audience with your research, ideas, and projects… if you’re interested in getting publishing experience through a double-blinded, peer-review process… if you feel the need to make your work more understandable, relatable, and interesting…

Then we’re inviting you: students, researchers, and other stakeholders in the field of rehabilitation science (and beyond) to pitch an article idea!

Examples of all submission categories are available online. To make a submission (300-400 words), please use our blinded online submission form.

Submissions are due on Friday, October 2nd, 2020!


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We look forward to another compelling issue of rehabINK! Happy Writing!