Valeriya Demydenko, Maria Gladkikh, & Alexandra Krassikova

Rehabilitation is an essential component of promoting quality of life and enabling individuals to meaningfully participate in all domains on life. However, rehabilitation services can be difficult to obtain and a large proportion of people are living with unmet rehabilitation needs. This article tells the story of a mother advocating on behalf of her young son living with a disability and the challenges they encounter navigating the rehabilitation system.

Bernice Lau

Whether we call a plumber to fix a leaking pipe or use a cellphone, we are all dependent on other people or equipment to accomplish tasks. Within the healthcare context however, performing activities independently is a nearly universally accepted goal. This article highlights how patient outcomes in rehabilitation can be improved through switching the focus from independence to interdependence.

By Yani Hamdani, Nicole Bobbette, Muhammad Irfan Jiwa, & Daniel Share-Strom

From “nothing about us without us!” to “something important to us with us!” This commentary describes experiences of running a research training course for adults labelled with intellectual and developmental disabilities and highlights lessons learned about fostering inclusive collaborations with groups who are often excluded from health and rehabilitation research.