Episode 11: The Pathways to Belonging Project: Team Members’ Perspectives on Conducting Inclusive Research Together


Join our host, Francis, as they open a dialogue with four members of the research team behind the project “Pathways to Belonging,” also known as P2B. The P2B project aims to understand how young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) find places of belonging and meaning, as well as the paths they take to these destinations, from the perspectives of young adults themselves, their family members, and service providers. Join Rebecca, Jasmine, Jen, and Zoe as they delve into their experiences being a part of an inclusive research team.



Useful Links: Pathways to Belonging Website | Voices of Youths Article | Belonging Matters Film

Episode Credits
Podcast Host: Francis Routledge
Featured Speakers: Jasmine Cowen, Jen Estrella, Rebecca Renwick, Zoe Stanley
Executive Producer: Francis Routledge
Audio Editors: Francis Routledge, Anna Huynh, Kate Kim, Tiffany Tui  
Production Team: Anna Huynh, Mariya Kika, Kate Kim, Tiffany Tui, Kyla Alsbury-Nealy, Francis Routledge
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