Episode 9: 2SLGBTQIPA+ Health and Rehabilitation


Happy (belated) Pride Month! In this episode, Kyla interviews Zach Chan, a physiotherapist in the 2SLGBTQIPA+ community. We discuss barriers to healthcare for people in the 2SLGBTQIPA+ community, gender-affirming care and rehabilitation, and privilege and systems of oppression. Zach makes practical suggestions for how healthcare professionals can improve the inclusivity of care and the clinical environment and shares about a research project which explored the inclusion of 2SLGBTQIPA+ content into physiotherapy university curricula.



Useful links: The 519 Training and Resources | Trans PULSE Project | Coin Model of Privilege and Critical Allyship by Dr. Stephanie Nixon | CIHR Definitions of Sex and Gender

Zach Chan’s Contact Information:
Website: https://zachchanphysio.ca/
Instagram: @zachgchan

Episode Credits

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Audio Editors: Francis Routledge, Eugene Hwang
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