This year’s annual Society for Neuroscience conference hosted over 30,000 researchers in San Diego, California. Presentations highlighted how researchers’artistic passions combined with neuroscience can facilitate rehabilitation. This article highlights research and the annual “Dialogues Between Neuroscience and Society” lecture by legendary jazz guitarist, Pat Metheny.

‘Pathways to Belonging’ is a qualitative research project that uses an arts-based methodology, called socio-spatial mapping, to study how young adults (YA) with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) come to feel and experience a sense of belonging. It aims to uncover the contexts and conditions that foster and promote a sense of belonging for YA with IDD.

Hearing aids are notoriously poor at processing music, but McMaster University’s LIVELab, a research auditorium, aims to enhance hearing aid performance. This unique space was designed to measure audience and performer interactions during concerts and music listening. In this profile, learn how this facility also examines questions related to the rehabilitation sciences with a special focus on hearing disorders.