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Connecting the Dots: Episode 2: Transforming Research with Patient Partners The rehabINK Podcast

How can patient partners transform research? This episode of the Connecting the Dots mini-series features Dr Emily Ho, an occupational therapist, assistant professor, and clinician investigator, and Johanna Ponnuthurai, a patient partner and person with a brachial plexus injury. With host Jennifer Ryan, they discuss Emily’s research program involving children and young adults with upper limb Transcript rehabINK Useful links: United Brachial Plexus Network | CHAMP | Lucky Fin Project | Twitter Handles: United Brachial Plexus Network – @UBPN instagram: ubpn_official CHAMP – @TheWarAmps instagram: thewaramps Lucky Fin Project – @luckyfinproject instagram: lucky_fin_project Dr. Emily Ho’s Website:  Episode Credits Podcast Host: Jennifer Ryan Executive Producers: Kyla Alsbury-Nealy & Julia Rybkina Audio Editors: Jennifer Ryan, Eugene Hwang Production team: Francis Routledge, Anna Huynh, Bernice Lau, Lucas Crosby Music: Kyla Alsbury-Nealy & Kyle Alsbury-Nealy Promotional illustrations: Reeman Marzouqah Featured Speakers: Johanna Ponnuthurai & Dr. Emily Ho
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